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Fujitsu Siemens Spare Parts: Coffee beans Grinder Siemens Surpresso S40

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Spare parts Used

Coffee beans Grinder Siemens Surpresso S40

Original Spare Part: Coffee beans Grinder
Original Ersatzteil: Kaffeebohnen Mühlwerk Mahlwerk
Mahlwerk komplett für Siemens TK52001/01 - compact TK52001/02 - compact TK52002/01 - compact TK52002/02 - compact TK54001/01 - compact TK54001/02 - compact TK54F09/01 - compact Extraklasse TK54F09/02 - compact Extraklasse TK56001/01 - titanium TK56004/01 - titanium TK58001/01 - compact TK58001/02 - compact TK60001/01 - S20 TK60001/02 - S20 TK60001/03 - S20 TK60001/04 - S20 TK60001/05 - S20 TK64001/01 - S40 TK64001/02 - S40 TK64001/03 - S40 TK64001/04 - S40 TK64001/05 - S40 TK64F09/02 - S45 TK64F09/03 - S45 TK64F09/04 - S45 TK64F09/05 - S45 TK65001/01 - S50 TK65001/02 - S50 TK65001/03 - S50 TK68001/01 - S60 TK68001/02 - S60 TK68001/03 - S60 TK68001/04 - S60 TK68001/05 - S60 TK68009/02 - S65 TK68009/03 - S65 TK68009/04 - S65 TK68009/05 - S65 TK69001/02 - S70 TK69001/03 - S70 TK69009/01 - S75 TK69009/02 - S75 TK69009/03 - S75

Artikelzustand: Artikel wurde vom Verkäufer generalüberholt. Der Artikel ist geprüft und gereinigt, ist vollkommen funktionsfähig in einwandfreiem Zustand.

Item Condition: Item has been overhauled by the seller. The item is tested and cleaned, is fully functional in good condition.

Manufacturer: Fujitsu Siemens
Category: Kaffeevollautomat
EAN: 0751127288139
Manufacturer number: 641669
Product Type: Coffee beans Grinder
Condition: Used

Kaffeebohnen Mühlwerk Mahlwerk Siemens Surpresso S40

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